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Melvin Internat'l 2x4 Day

We're bringing the ruckus once again as a host of Melvin Brewing's 2x4 Day! This year, the event is going international with 40 bars around the globe throwing one hell of a craft beer, kung fu, and Wu Tang party. Join us 4-10 p.m. at The Jailhouse, bring your A game and take Tuesday off 'cause we're going hard on a Monday!



2x4 is the granddaddy of all things Melvin. It’s the best damn DIPA in the world, having won the triple crown of GABF, WBC and Alpha King. Two years ago we decided to dedicate a day to celebrating its glory the Melvin way.

What started out as a true Melvin party, where we take over a bar in your town and turn it into a replica of our bar (ninjas, kung fu, hip hop, 2x4, MADNESS), has turned into the GREATEST SINGLE DAY IN HUMAN HISTORY. We like to party, you like to party, but now International 2x4 Day has a greater cause: We must unite to fight against WorldBev. This event is unlike any other and you’re important to us, you’ve got what it takes and we want you to join us near and far in the US of A and 10 countries across the world. Bring the ruckus, party hard, drink 2x4 and unite with your fellow hop freaks against WorldBev.